Birthing Mamas Doula

Laura Knott


​I am a passionate advocate for undisturbed, empowered birth. I encourage women and their partners to follow their instinctive knowing throughout pregnancy, birth and parenthood, trusting that it is they, at the end of the day, who hold all the answers.

My Story

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A simple yet profound way of retelling your birth story using natural objects, that aims to bring insight, clarity and empowerment

Prenatal sessions to prepare for birth and beyond; full labour & birth support; and nurturing postpartum care

Physically, emotionally, energetically 'closing' the body after giving birth.
Deeply soothing & restorative, an essential part of my work

Couple's Feet in Bed

Lifestyle, diet, massage and herbal care package to assist your body's natural rhythms & ability to conceive

Warming meals, healing herbs, a friendly face and listening ear to nurture and support your first weeks with babi

Deeply nurturing therapy using the Mexican Rebozo fabric to rock, relax and align the body. Can also be used to support breech and transverse babies to turn

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