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Birth Debriefing Session

A simple yet profound way of revisiting your birth story that aims to bring insight, clarity and empowerment

Whether you remember your birth with joy or with terror, chances are it was a life changing experience. The purpose of this session is to bring tenderness and insight to the difficult moments, while elevating and honouring the sweeter moments. Our births - whether we enjoyed them or despised them (or somewhere in between) - hold gifts of insight for us. When the deep emotions can be safely held and felt, we free up energy to see more clearly what the personal learnings are and how we might integrate them into our lives as parents.

This session is suitable for both Mothers or their Birth Partners (separately), however recently or distantly the birth took place.

How it works

What happens in a Birth Debriefing session?

I use a process called the WellMama Elemental Constellation. Using this approach, I would invite you to go out for a walk before our session, and gather a selection of natural objects such as stones, feathers, leaves, flowers, sticks etc. When we come together for your session, I will invite you to retell the story of your birth, periodically choosing an object to represent the key people and events that took place in your birth, and placing them on a table in front of you, creating a visual, tangible 'constellation' of your birth.

Why do we use objects?

Choosing objects to represent people, and our relationships to them, alongside the environments they took place in, can bring new insights into what may be a very familiar story. It can bring a little distance from the story and help you to see things from a new perspective. It also offers the opportunity in this moment, as you relive certain aspects of your experience, to add in things that were needed or lacking in a particular moment of your birth; e.g. protection, privacy, or compassion. For instance if you felt crowded in your birth space, you could move the objects that represent those people and your surroundings until you find a configuration that feels right to you.

The objects themselves can sometimes bring insights too - for instance you may choose a dull brown decaying leaf to represent one aspect of your story, while choosing a shimmering, smooth, rounded stone for another. Simply stating what we see when all is laid out in front of us can bring new insights and clarity to a story you may have revisited hundreds of times in your head. 

Where does the session take place and how much does it cost?

The session will usually take place in your own home. If you are local to me, I will come to your home. If you live further afield, we can do the session through Zoom.

I ask £75 for a session of up to 2hrs in your own home. For Zoom sessions I charge £60 for up to 2hrs.

How many sessions do you offer?

I offer this session as a stand alone session or as part of a Birth Integration Package which includes one session of this type and one Closing Ceremony

I will check in with you 2 weeks after your debriefing session and see how you are feeling. If you feel another session of this type would be useful then we can arrange this, and/or proceed to your Closing Ceremony if that is something you have chosen.

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