Rebozo Massage Therapies

An ancient practice from Indigenous Mexico, using a long piece of woven cotton fabric -the 'Rebozo' - to rock, sway, and wrap the body.

1 hour of therapy followed by 20 mins deep rest / time to debrief.


What I offer:

  • 1 hour full body massage using the Rebozo:
    Suitable at any time in life, for any body. Specifically relevant to: women wishing to conceive; pregnant women; anybody in need of deep relaxation. 
    Includes time to rest and debrief afterwards


  • Repositioning Massage:
    For pregnant women whose baby(ies) may be lying breech, side lying, or back to back. This is a more active massage with some of the time spent on all fours to encourage baby to move up out of the pelvis, thereby giving room to adjust themselves into their optimum birthing position. Suitable from 30 weeks.
    Includes time to rest and debrief afterwards


  • Labour Support:
    I offer this service as part of my doula package. Rebozo therapies can aid relaxation during labour, help to relieve pain, help to move baby down into the pelvis, and also offer the possibility of last minute repositioning where baby may not be able to be born naturally in the position they're in.





A little more about the Rebozo:

In Mexico, the Rebozo is considered a very sacred piece of fabric - it is said to be the extension of our hands, arms and hearts. Used to relax and open the body before and during pregnancy, through the rhythmic rocking and swaying techniques; and then to 'close' and hold the Mother after she has given birth - to allow deep healing and closure to come to her body, mind and spirit. This versatile piece of fabric is used to assist with fertility, common pregnancy ailments, stretching and aligning the body, repositioning of babies in the womb (e.g. breech, or posterior - i.e. 'back to back'), to bring pain relief and support during labour and birth, and to physically and emotionally 'close' the Mother after giving birth (see Postnatal Closing Ceremonies for more information).

I often wonder whether our ancient Welsh and Irish grandmothers might have used their traditional woven shawls for similar practices. They were certainly used to carry their babies, as the traditional Mexican Rebozo still is today.

I have been so fortunate to learn this healing form of therapy from a 4th generation traditional Mexican midwife, Angelina Martinez Miranda. I have huge gratitude to her and her Grandmothers for keeping these practices alive through the generations, and for now passing it on to people of different cultures, to bring love, nurture and deep healing to the Mothers of the world.

With this in mind, I will be giving 10% of my earnings from each therapy back to Angelina and her local community to support her ongoing work with people less well off than us in the western world. I also only buy authentic Mexican Rebozos, made from 100% cotton, to support the traditional weavers of Mexico. I am, however, also on the look out for a local Welsh weaver who may be able to make me my first Welsh 'Rebozo', as I am also keen to support local traditonal craftsmen and women. Let me know if you know of anybody! 

I hope to share my love of this wonderful versatile therapy with you very soon! Any questions, please get in touch.