Online Pregnancy Circle

A fortnightly meeting of expectant mothers seeking to follow their own instinctive knowing throughout pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

In the 'age of the expert', somebody is always ready to tell us what to do: what to eat, how to exercise, how much to sleep, where to give birth and in what position; and then when baby arrives – how and where they should sleep, feed, be carried, etc… the list goes on and on! It can be exhausting and very confusing.


Pregnancy is a time when our bodies are communicating loud and clear about all the above and so much more. Our ancient bodies and instinctive hearts hold and communicate endless guidance if only we will stop long enough to listen. Here is one place where you can do just that. Stop. And listen. To yourself, and to others. There is no expert in this circle, yet everyone is an expert in their own lives.

Our time together will include:

  • Meditation: focus the mind on the here and now, relax into the stillness and vastness that is always present within. Disconnect from the noisy chatter in the head.

  • Connection with baby: whether you find it easy or difficult to consciously 'connect' with your baby in the womb, we will explore ways of facilitating greater awareness of this exchange that is constantly happening between the two (or three) of you! This may include simple songs, visualisations or written exercises.

  • Speaking and listening: often when challenges arise in our lives, we don't need anyone to advise us what to do, we simply need time and space to talk it through, without interruption, and to come to our own conclusions. The 'talking circle' is an age old practice that honours the wisdom and deep knowing of each and every individual as well as the collective. We learn so much from hearing the stories of others and from hearing our own inner musings spoken aloud. Nobody has to speak if they don't wish to; everyone is held with love and respect

  • Preparing for your birth: everyone's vision and needs for birth are completely unique and individual, there is no one way of 'preparing for birth'. Birth takes many shapes and forms. Our aim as a group will always be to support each other in following our instincts to find what is right for us. Sometimes instincts can be confused with fears – we will explore our concerns and fears with a view to finding clarity and a way forward that feels right for us as individuals and families.

6 sessions: £75
Concessions available: please select the manual payment option at the checkout and email me to arrange payment that feels affordable and manageable to you.